Hey there,
I'm Claire.

I am an enthusiastic storyteller and also a strategic thinker. Currently building a Design System at Cisco, previously B2B Marketer and Sales Specialist at IBM. With my marketing expertise married to design, I can push the business forward.
I knew you'd like to know more, so I brought 8 Fun Facts About Me👇🏻👇🏻
I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea 🇰🇷, but I don't like Kimchi.
My Korean name, Se-Hee (pronounced "Seh-Hee") was given by my dad after 10 seconds I was born. Pulling in each syllable from my brother's and mom's first name and putting them together, turned out one of the common names in Korea. So I didn't like my name that much when I was a kid.
Thanks to my engineer-background-family, I grew up surrounded by many computer-related books 📕 and some cool tech gadgets 💻. However, I had never interested in any of them until I came to design my first blog called "Serendipity" when I was 13, the website to introduce cool songs and artists that I discovered on the internet. I really enjoyed studying web editor and writing posts, which helped me a lot later on understanding the concept of Web.
I am an intermittent binge-watcher of Netflix 📺, a heavy listener 🎧, occasional traveler🎒, and also a mint chocolate-ice cream fanatic🍦. If you like any of these, we can be friends right away! And here are things I'd love to share:

My recent favorite 🎬 : "The Irish Man" 
A 🎤 for morning stretch :  "My Cherrie Amour by. Stevie Wonder"
Retrospect 📷 during COVID-19 : taken in Peru
I do believe that the internet has taught me almost everything I need that I didn't learned from school. YouTube is my best teacher🎓, and people on my following list always inspire me 🔥 in many ways.

..and that's why I have low tolerance for 'No Wifi'. Seriously.
I double-majored in Communication and Business Administration back in college, and had always wanted to be a marketer or advertising creator after I graduate.
Also, I had lived in Kansas for one semester as an exchange student. I'd say it's a perfect place to save your money💵 and study English📚.
I started my career at IBM Korea as a Sales and it helped me to realize that I'm not good at having a poker-face 😅. After a year, I changed to my dream job in school, a Marketer, and explored different areas from contents, digital, events, and internal communication.

I got interested in design since one of the events I did, where I was mesmerized by how design shapes technology and generates user engagement. Since I had learned that what matters to the success of the business is a great product with great user experience, not a nice-sounding marketing line, I've started my new chapter as a designer. 🤘🏻
I get inspired by everything surrounding me. For example, I have an instagram page "ux.is.everywhere", here you can find how everything in your daily life is related to user experience and how I see them. And yes, I am asking you to follow. (Link) 🙌🏻

As a marketer-turned-designer, my goal is to bridge the gap between the users and businesses to empower core value. I believe that a great designer is someone not only solves a problem but can push the business forward through design. 💪

..Awesome! That's all for now. Wanna reach out to me now? 👇