UX is Everywhere.

UX ideas in real life that you might have missed
One of the greatest strengths I have as a designer is that I am an inquisitive person. I never stop asking things I'm curious about and tend to dig into them. Sometimes I used to be called "Scrappy", but I truly believe my curiosity grew me up as who I am today.  Everything around me really can inspire me.

UX is Everywhere is a personal project that was ignited by my natural curiosity. We meet a variety of products/services in our daily lives. Not just mobile apps and websites, but all the experiences you encounter as a user can be called UX. From a cute sign in-store to help people sort recyclable effectively to social distancing circles at the park, UX is everywhere in our real life and I wanted to share those experiences.
For this project, I made an Instagram page as I know I would have missed if I didn't leave a record. I started for fun, but I'm doing it seriously. Hope you enjoy.

Note. If you have any good one to share, drop me a DM. 🙏🏼
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